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This blog covers the development of File Manager Tool, such as new features, faq etc, but could also cover topics related to the development, like .NET programming and Windows systems in general.

File Manager Tool 1.2.0 released

New version released with new functionality to create zip-files from search result.
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File Manager Tool 1.1.1 released

So within two days both v 1.1 and v 1.1.1 was released. Usually that means that a major bug was found and an emergency fix had to be deployed to avoid further embaressment, but fortunately this is not the case here. But what triggered the features released in v 1.1.1 was a clear lack of feedback to the user about progress in the search. But we'll do this in the right order and start with v 1.1.

Release 1.1

As mentioned in my previous post, an essential feature when searching for files is the ability to filter when a file was last changed. This is now in place using two date pickers, where you use the second one to specify a date range to search beween. If you only use the first date picker you use the operator drop down to select if the date changed should be before, equal to, or after the selected date.


Release 1.1.1

I was doing a summary search on a webserver that hosts around 50 websites to see how much disk space each web site used when I hit a motherload of files. One of our clients has an e-commerce solution that stores all product images in a single folder and it now contains over 90000 files. The NTFS file system does not perform well with that many files in one folder so the File Manager Tool took a while to go through that folder, and even though there is a progress bar, it only moves forward with folders, not with files, so it just stood still for a while and as a user you start to wonder what is happening. That's when it occurred to me that in addition to the progress bar, File Manager Tool should report which folder it's currently searching, so that is what is added in this release. I also added a Cancel button to stop the search if necessary.

I hope you'll enjoy these new features, and if you have ideas for features that would help in your daily work let us know.

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Search essentials: Date range

A fundamental piece of any file management tool that has search capabilites is the ability to return results based on when a file was last changed. Unfortunatly this was not included in the first release of the  File Manager Tool, but not to worry, it's the next thing on the road map that will be added to the search features.

It will be a simple addition to the search settings where you can choose a date with a date picker and also select an operator (<, =, >) for how the date will be searched. In addition to that there will be another date picker so you can select a date range to search beween. If an end date is set, the operator will be ignored.

I think that would cover the date filtering needs when searching for files.

Release will be pretty soon, but of course the application will tell you when the update is available.


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File Manager Tool blog launched

Welcome to the new blog regarding the development of File Manager Tool. The purpose of this blog is to be able to interact with you, the users of File Manager Tool, but also to share the experiences learned from the development, like .NET programming and also on some occasions some posts regarding Windows systems in general.

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